Interviews with All Stars Project Volunteers!

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to share the game with some of the volunteers who live on the south and west side of Chicago.  After they had a chance to play through the whole game we sat down to talk to them about the game and how it related to their experiences growing up.

Larone lives in Bonzeville and grew up in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago.  Here’s his thoughts on We Are Chicago:

Grady grew up and lives in the Austin neighborhood on Chicago’s west side.  He shared his thoughts on the game here (some spoilers in the interview):

We are excited that We Are Chicago will launch on Steam and Humble in less than 24 hours! Pre-orders are still available on our site and on the 9th at 11am PST, you can visit Steam and Humble to purchase the game.

We will be donating a portion of our proceeds to support two important non-profits, All Stars Project of Chicago, and Reclaim Our Kids, who are empowering at-risk youth in underprivileged communities of Chicago.

-We Are Chicago Team